Monday, September 05, 2005


A little self-actualization parody from The Onion, about an invented chipmunk created to help kids believe in their potential:
"I knew I could do it—it was hard, yes, it's true. But if chipmunks can climb to the sky, so can YOU!" Chipper said, punctuating his message with a thumbs-up sign and a wink.

According to Dr. Roland Gibson of the American Council For Literature & Ethics, Chipper's core message—that people can be or do anything they want—is a fallacy widely perpetuated in children's books.

Along similar lines, Gwen sent me a link to this: Buddy Lee Guidance Counselor. I guess Lee Jeans has created this character as a sort of surrogate brand and creates these odd interactive sites based on the character. Weird, and I'm not sure it totally works, but some of it is pretty funny.


evan said...

I think Buddy Lee is incredibly creepy.

Jeremy said...

It is kind of creepy...I guess that creepiness is an attempt to build some kind of indie credibility, but like I said, I'm not sure that it works. It's just...odd.

Jeremy said...

btw, thanks for dropping in, Evan -- please comment with wild abandon.