Thursday, July 15, 2004

Young Entrepreneurs...True Lifestylists

I was critical of Jeremy Rifkin in a previous post because he discounted the value of people creating their own work, taking temporary jobs, contracts, consulting gigs and setting up their own one-person shops. He did talk quite a lot about the rising number of temp workers, but only in negative terms, implying that people would only go that route out of dire necessity. I think the next generation is unlikely to feel the same way, particularly in creative and tech fields. Will Pate's post about The Entrepreneurial Generation got me thinking about that again, and the post he linked to had a great quote:
"What all of these guys have in common, besides the fact that I'm insanely jealous of them, is that they see life as an entrepreneurial endeavor. The whole concept of work/life balance is unnecessary, because the two have merged."


Jeremy said...

Thanks Will -- I've got the link fixed now too. I'd like to do some research in this area. Surely there must be some stats on the rise of young entrepreneurs and "free agents". If anyone comes across anything interesting, please let me know.

PREE said...
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Pdammond said...

I will reiterate the following line because I believe this statement to be 100 % true.

Line: The whole concept of work/life balance is unnecessary, because the two have merged."

In today’s World, this is being proven more evident. Although it’s not written about a lot, there are a large number of individuals who actual hate the work that do. A lot of people feel enslaved by making a living for them-selves.

The state of the economy can be considered a blessing to some. Those that have been furloaded now have the opportunity to really re-evaluate their lives and decide to do something that they actually love. In a way, these trying times are showing people that they can live a free life without boundaries and that you can make a living without having to be enslaved by the ideals of others who suggest that the conservative way is the way (Go to school, get a job, create a family) to live your lives. There are a lot of option you have in life.

For example, you could be a broker…a person who travels to find great buys for resale.

They are using the talents that God gave them to make a living. Isn’t this the way, God intended it to be from the start???