Monday, February 07, 2005

Planful Competence

Doug had a great post today about Owning Your Future, in which he shares the results of a longitudinal study (PDF) measuring the value of being "planful". I've always hated that word for whatever reason, but the results are fascinating. Doug's summary:
"Their research found that, ‘planful competence is a powerful predictor of an adolescent’s plans and their adult achievement in schooling and work.' The study defines ‘planful competence’ as a combination of ‘sense of mastery’ (a belief in yourself), ‘knowledge about the broader world of work’ (expanded career awareness), ‘scholastic aptitude’ (the skills), and ‘plans about the timing and extent of future attainment’ (defined intent). The paper goes on to state, 'Adolescents with a purposeful orientation towards life, combined with general and practical knowledge, have more ambitious career plans, more stable plans in young adulthood, and greater educational and occupational achievements by midlife.'

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