Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Your Personal Patchwork

Patching takes a fairly radical approach to business reorganization and applies it to individuals trying to represent their skills and abilities. The asset portfolio diagram is most interesting. I'm a sucker for visual representations of a person's identity, even if it only focuses on their work life. Now imagine this taken a few steps further to reflect your non-work values, interests, and relationships...then have each section linking to writing, photos, other people, resources, personal records...and you could decide who gets to see what.


tfoxfan said...

I do believe this is a great model for my next cover letter!

To comment on what you said about making it a non-work patch - it could be very detailed, and possibly proportionate to each person's makeup. It could be done on several different levels - historical, present state, and even a model for one's ideal patch. Any of these would be a great marker of oneself at a particular point in time, almost leaving a time capsule trail, not much unlike a personal journal or blog.

Jeremy said...

Exactly, Esther. I love this idea. You could decide how deep you wanted to go for each patch or combination of patches as well.