Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Grab Bag of Gems

My Bloglines account is getting too full again, so I'm pulling out a few that I can't bare to lose:
  • A great interview with Po Bronson, author of What Should I do With My Life?.
  • Doug also talked about Bronson's book in a recent post, and his latest post about attention is spot-on.
  • Pat Kane reports on an intiative in Scotland to allow workers to take every seventh year off, paid for by a subvention from their salaries in the preceding six years. While I do love the idea of sabbaticals and other related concepts, I share Pat's concern over the black/white split between work and non-work, as if it has to be all or nothing.
  • Curt has a short post about dreams that helps take the fluffy edge off of the concept for me.
  • Jory's battling for authenticity: "Why are you building that resume? To make more money doing something that you do not love? To maintain a lifestyle that you suddenly found yourself living, but that you never actually chose?" Esther and Tannis also comment on a similar track.
  • The Experience Designer bounces off of one of Hope's great posts about travelling in India: "The experiences being described by Hope on her journeys are, for me, fundamental and critical in understanding the deeper and more fufilling aspects of how people learn the things they value the most."
  • Christopher throws out a challenge to just be enough, rather than fixating on self-improvement. "Our wholesale buying into the ideals of ambition and upward mobility have not led to greater happiness."

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