Monday, February 28, 2005

Work-Life Unreadiness

Christopher has a great post about twentysomethings struggling to hit their stride, linking to this article -- a quote:
"We are in the midst of an epidemic of work-life unreadiness because an alarming number of emerging adults are unable to find a good fit between their minds and their career directions. Like seabirds mired in an oil spill, these fledgling men and women are stuck, unable to take flight toward a suitable career. Some are crippled before they have a chance to beat their wings; others have tumbled downward in the early stages of their trajectories. Because they are not finding their way, they may feel as if they are going nowhere and have nowhere to go."


Chris said...

This is what twentysomethings are trained for. Thirteen years of school with their own peers having the world reduced to a few arbitrary subject classes which we force them to swallow and pass and then we release them into the world where they have to work in complex situations with people thirty years older than them.

It's no wonder the run screaming back to their parents' basements. I know I would.

For the first 18 years of a kid's life, we misrepresent the world to them. THen we expect them to fledge and survive. Crazy.

Garth said...

So true Chris! I see it in the college I teach at as well. Not only are they unprepared for the workforce but also socially and educationally! I not only teach them to think and ask good questions, but I also in a sense teach them about character and community!