Monday, June 05, 2006

There is No Try

Doug invokes a classic Yoda quote and offers some simple advice in Choose Your DO:
"This quote has come to mind lately whenever I hear individuals say what they were 'going to do' or 'wishing they could do'. These people always have lots of reasons why they don't live the life they say they would prefer. In the end, they're just talking (the easier thing to do).

It's not my position to be somebody else's personal Yoda. But in my mind, when I hear these people yearning for their theoretical lives, I'm thinking, 'Do or do not. There is no try.'

Either you're pursuing the life you wish for, or you are not. Either you have a project or two that means something to you or you don't. Our world would be a whole lot more fulfilled if we each agreed to let our actions do our talking for us."


Tannis said...

Ooh, I like that Yoda quote. It's amazing how many things fall away or become clear when you put them under that magnifying glass. Is it worth doing enough to make it happen now or is it time to let it go because it's not? A lot of background noise fades away. Maybe it just seems clearer now because I'm on vacation!

Elizabeth said...

Nice one. Very, very nice indeed.

Jeremy said...

Yeah, it is a goodie, isn't it?

I've thought of this in terms of 43Things. So you go in there and list all of these cool things you want to do, and then six months later you go back to check it out and realize you've done none of them. It's not that they're not worthy goals, or that you don't really want to do them...but with limited time, attention, money and energy, not everything can get done. The choosing of which ones to do is the important part, and being realistic about how many can be done at any given time, or over a specific period of time.