Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Work and Depression

CBC reports that 1 million Canadians are dissatisfied with their jobs, many depressed. Although that does sound like a bummer, does that mean that the other 90% of workers are pretty happy with their jobs?


Anonymous said...

Hey Jer,

I read this CBC article at work today and I thought the same thing. It seems to me 11 in 12 people being happy with their jobs is pretty amazing. The headline makes this sound like a catastrophe, but what if it had read "11 million Canadians happy with career". If only our media could work like that.

Anonymous said...

Well, data from The Gallup Organization and others indicates a pretty consistent 20% of Americans love their jobs, so it seems to me that 90% in Canada would be nothing short of a miracle.

I would hazard a guess that 20-30% love their jobs, and the great mass are ambivalent--just satisfied (or unsatisfied, but not complaining), but not in love.

Jeremy said...

Yeah, I guess it probably would be a stretch to assume that the other 90+ percent are really happy with their jobs, but even as a percentage who are satisfied or even ambivalent, it seems really high. I think we expect that most people hate their jobs, but it's just not the case. When I think about my office, where there are 70 people working, there are very few (none that I can think of immediately) who are really unhappy with their work. Many really love their jobs, and the vast majority would say they liked their work most of the time.

Jeremy said...

Oh, and Nick...since I assume that your old work e-mail is dead, and I don't have your new one...congratulations on your recent wedding. Looked pretty amazing on the beach in the photo Jay posted.