Monday, December 11, 2006

Five Things You Didn't Know About Me

Doug at Proactive Living tagged me with the challenge to list five things you wouldn't know about me:
  1. I've seen Metallica in concert...twice.
  2. Instead of renting a car or cabbing it in Los Angeles this weekend, I bought a bicycle and put 50 miles on it...also took some photos along the way.
  3. I raced competitive motocross (off-road motorcycles) for years, including events in arenas with 10,000 spectators watching...and won.
  4. I've never really liked pets -- and sadly, I've noticed that this makes it difficult for pet owners to like me.
  5. I have four active blogs (and several other lapsed ones): this one, my personal blog, my work/learning blog, and a song blog...all of which are in danger of lapsing. More if you count my Flickr photos or 43Things as other types of blogs.
Thanks for the tag, Doug -- I'm sometimes too serious over here, and this is a good reminder to be a real person behind the links and writing.

And now for my five tags, selected not because I necessarily think they will take the challenge, but because they have consistently challenged me to think. The common thread -- great writers tackling difficult material and really living it...then sharing what they're learning:

Note: I didn't tag my Vancouverite blog-friend Brian, but I loved his response to the tag as well. As if we've both seen Metallica twice! I'm just glad I didn't get shot at either time.


Doug Manning said...

Hey! Good to read your response. I see some of those you 'tagged' have responded.

Have a great Xmas.

Jeremy said...

Thanks, Doug...hope your holidays are great too. The responses from my tags have been fascinating -- very cool to hear these stories. I'll keep adding the links to their replies if there are more.