Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Longer Work Day Cutting into Family Time

Longer work day cutting into family time: study. The article is solid, including some reaction from a representative of the Vanier Institute of the Family pointing out the negative effects of this trend, most of which is fairly obvious, I guess. I was interested in this counter quote, though:
"However, Lochhead said, it must be remembered that there is an element of individual choice in spending more time at work than with family, and the study, above all else, shows that Canadian workers are committed to their jobs."
I forget that sometimes, when I hear that people are working more -- I always assume that they'd rather be doing something other than working. Perhaps that's just my own personal bias.

Update: Garth reflects on the Globe & Mail's feature on the same study.


Garth said...

You beat to the punch on the findings of this new study but I have a few comments on my blog that I think relate as well. The Globe & Mail posted a response to the study as well that you may find interesting...

Jeremy said...

Thanks for the links, Garth -- I've updated the original post.