Friday, September 24, 2004

Digital Storytelling

My rambling about how people will be telling their stories for posterity got some attention and generated some other great ideas:
  • VidLit may not fit anyone's idea of a personal memoir or e-portfolio, but watch either of the videos and think about how easy it is becoming to express ourselves with simple images and sound in addition to text. This is fantastic storytelling.
  • I'm reading the Narnia series to Ivy right now and last night we read a passage in the Horse and His Boy where C.S. Lewis asks why schools don't teach storytelling -- it would certainly be more useful than learning to write essays.
  • Stephen Harlow dug up LifeBits, which sounds like a fascinating experiment and includes all kinds of links to related resources
  • Helen had kind words and pointed to StoryCorps, a wonderful project to get people talking to each other and recording their memories
So what does this have to do with lifestylism? I think a good personal journal can help us see ourselves, but telling stories to each other gives us the chance to create better lives and share our joys and failures.

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Jeremy said...

Great little post that I wanted to save for later:$688?mode=day

"Memories like this can be cherished and it made me think how everyone does indeed have a story to tell. It doesn't have to cost a steep price and people can begin immediately. Let's get people up and going on blogs.I thought about my mother who had started a blog, Vera's Corner, that contained snippets of her past, her memories. I treasure it. I plan to have it bound in a book and how I wish she had started it earlier so more could be shared."