Friday, September 24, 2004

Sustainable Housing

Tannis outlines her thinking on choosing smart housing options, and points out the compromises with great clarity:
  • "Cheaper land and housing are never conveniently located next to cities where most people find work
  • which means you spend more time and money on transportation
  • that equals less time at home to relax, enjoy the family and follow personal pursuits
  • UNLESS you can go all the way and reduce your wants and needs to a low enough level that you can survive on a lot less money, either self-employed or working locally within limited options."
She also talks about the pros and cons of our current setup and some of the unique possibilities we saw in the Kootenays. It reminded me of Rob's recent riffing on how rural living will be the wave of the future, at least for the subset of people who are self-employed and can swing it.

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