Thursday, November 04, 2004

Thinking and Doing

I wish I had enough time and energy to really reflect on some of these things instead of just quoting and linking, but these things tend to be cyclical...perhaps once my course is done, I'll spend more time here. For now, I want to keep some more wisdom from the Experience Designer Network. Brian is consistently writing about the stuff that matters in life, in ways that stretch my brain and make me more curious about how people make decisions about meaning in their lives. A sample:
Many people seek alternative ways of living and experiencing life intellectually. Fewer people, however, seem to actually do something about it. And this tendency is not surprising in a work-a-day world. It is easier and more comfortable to ruminate about our cirucmstances than to step of the edge of a cliff and face the unknown. There is a wide gap between being able to think about doing something, and doing it. Perhaps one of the reasons for this is risk. To dramatically alter one'e lifestyle is an act of courage. We become more aware of and perhaps closer to the abyss. People that take chances with their lives often find themselves on the fringes of social and cultural norms. Not only does this require courage, but it requires a great degree of resilience as well. All of this brings us into closer proximity with our mythological selves.
Also, a note about the Experience Designer Network -- it is becoming a richer and more integrated resource every day. It's like an experiment in managing knowledge...perhaps even a look into Brian's brain. Click into any of his posts and take a minute to look at the links in both sidebars. Most are categories or concepts that lead you to all the posts he's written that include references to the keywords. He's also got the usual links to interesting people and resources, but it's the way he's categorized his thoughts that really kicks.

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