Monday, November 22, 2004

Work Hodgepodge

Since I apparently have no time for real posts, you're stuck with a few great links:


Troy Worman said...

Links are good.

tfoxfan said...


It's great to get the dialogue going that Lowe started in writing "The Quality of Work: A People-Centred Agenda". I see the book as foundational to the future of my own work. In so many ways, it validates my ideas about the issues of work and provides stunning direction for the discussion of the future of it. It's up to us to take heed and initiate the dialogue with others. I may (my way of sneaking out of committing completely) have a paper to forward your way in the next week on the subject of "What role do workers and unions have in promoting a quality of work agenda?", based on Lowe's analysis of work + my experience of it.

- E

Jeremy said...

Sweet, Esther. I'd love to see the paper...and I think you're pretty much committing to sending it by posting the possibility here.