Thursday, March 24, 2005

Mac Truck

Jory has been reflecting on the tension between forging ahead on work vs stepping back to consider at the bigger picture:
"There have been times when all I've done is overdo, push to an unhealthy limit, make things that were perfect imperfect because I was bored, or afraid of sinking. I took a project management class once, thinking it would enhance my skills of making things happen. At the time I was very successful knocking off the tasks on my to-do list, and on everyone else's, but the big-picture projects, the ones that were truly revolutionary, didn't ever come to fruition. A few weeks into the course I was given a pet name, Mac Truck, to describe my management style; I don't think it was a good thing."
I suspect she's being too hard on herself, and it sounds like she might be getting a bit tired of all this reflection...but thank goodness for the rest of us that she's writing this stuff.

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