Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Talking About Work

Esther's got a great new job and is thinking about how we talk about work:
"Before, I wanted to escape the discussion about work because I was unhappy about my work. In fact, isn't it true that when you ask another person about what it is that they do, then they ask you the same question? Before, that very question would get my mind rolling around about something that I would be happier to forget because my next day was bound to be frustrating and, over time it was becoming less and less a reflection of me."
Doug was just over at my desk and we were talking about how we've both stopped asking people "what do you do?" at parties. He now asks, "what do you like to do?" and I've been using "what do you do for fun?"...after a moment of confusion because of the subtle difference, people's faces light up as they realize that you've just asked them a much more interesting question.

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