Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Another Take on Flow

Flow: A new focus, a new idealism...this blog is one of those mind-benders that you might not agree with at first, but it sure gets you thinking outside of your comfortable patterns. From A World of Healthy, Happy People Doing Good and Having Fun:
"We need to create an honorable, pluralistic ethos according to which we acknowledge that many people are dissatisfied with many things in our society – fine, we welcome dissatisfaction as the source of craving for the good. But we never accept whining or criticizing of others or critiques of “society.” If you don’t like it, go fix it, go create a world, a community, a sub-culture in which your ideals can be instantiated, realized, in which you can show us what your vision of beauty and nobility looks like. Create a new social reality, so that I can see your dreams come true. I want to see a world in which billions of dreams are coming true constantly."

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