Monday, September 05, 2005


A little self-actualization parody from The Onion, about an invented chipmunk created to help kids believe in their potential:
"I knew I could do it—it was hard, yes, it's true. But if chipmunks can climb to the sky, so can YOU!" Chipper said, punctuating his message with a thumbs-up sign and a wink.

According to Dr. Roland Gibson of the American Council For Literature & Ethics, Chipper's core message—that people can be or do anything they want—is a fallacy widely perpetuated in children's books.

Along similar lines, Gwen sent me a link to this: Buddy Lee Guidance Counselor. I guess Lee Jeans has created this character as a sort of surrogate brand and creates these odd interactive sites based on the character. Weird, and I'm not sure it totally works, but some of it is pretty funny.


E said...

I think Buddy Lee is incredibly creepy.

Jeremy said...

It is kind of creepy...I guess that creepiness is an attempt to build some kind of indie credibility, but like I said, I'm not sure that it works. It's just...odd.

Jeremy said...

btw, thanks for dropping in, Evan -- please comment with wild abandon.