Sunday, January 15, 2006

Business of Life

The Business of Life blog has been cranking out fascinating stuff again after the holiday break. A few highlights I wanted to keep handy:
  • The Power of Making Choices, where Jill quotes from Gruntled Center about old married guys like me: "Married men are the most productive economic group in society because they have given up the life of many options, and are living the life of their one great choice."
  • Bathtub, bed and bus -- bouncing off of an article in Time about creativity and hard work: "Most of all, forget those romantic myths that creativity is all about being artsy and gifted and not about hard work. They discourage us because we're waiting for that one full-blown moment of inspiration. And while we're waiting, we may never start working on what we might someday create."
  • In Overcome Frazzing, Jill's thinking about another Time article called How to Tune Up Your Brain and writing about how we set priorities: "Millions of people don't prioritize and do what is most important, and so feel distracted, guilty and inadequate because they'll never get it all done."

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