Monday, January 09, 2006


This is a classic Robert Paterson post; the kind that got me reading blogs three years ago: Indulgences - The Reformation - Our Time.
Rob often sees big-picture issues in terms of history, and finds ways to weave many of them together into trends with common causes. Here he's exploring our dependence on institutions instead of taking personal responsibility for our lives:
"Health is seen to be the issue of more money and better access and not about self esteem, skills, family and community. Education is all about a credential and not about knowledge and experience. Work is a paycheck and not about creating value. The environment is a thing to be exploited and is not what supports us."


Rob said...

How kind Jeremy - wishing you all a very happy new year


Jeremy said...

Same to you, Rob. I've sure been enjoying this series of posts -- you're on fire!