Friday, May 19, 2006

Career Plans by Age 12?

Career plans by age 12? Maybe in Florida:
"Do children barely out of elementary school have the knowledge and experience to declare a career path? Brianna's feelings on the subject are shared by some adults, who also worry that a career curriculum would come at the expense of other activities such as music, art, and sports.

But supporters of the proposal say it gives kids a taste of the real world and encourages them to widen, not narrow, their sense of career options."
The arguments against this type of learning seem a bit weak to me. Career exploration and learning about how different career pathways require different kinds of educational planning don't at all imply that anyone is forcing a kid to choose a career in Grade 7.

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Anonymous said...

At age 12 Ben Casnocha started a technology company based on a school project. He's 18 now and just graduated from high school. He's been ranked as one of the top 100 influntial bloggers in Silicon Valley.
Clearly not every teenager should take the path that Ben has, but he is an inspiring example.