Monday, October 02, 2006

Aerons and Air Hockey

In Aerons and Air Hockey Kathy Sierra explains why cool workplaces matter, reminisces about the workspaces she's had that really worked, and gives everyone a peek at her new office -- a beautiful vintage Airstream trailer. Love it!


Anonymous said...

I am realizing that the office cool factor is not nearly as important as the ergonomics. Lately, since I've been blogging, I'm at typing much more of the time that I used to be on the phone. And my neck is killing me because I have such a bad ergonomic setup in the various places I work (coffee shop, bedroom, diningroom table, car...) The link here, to the hipster office space that inclues a vintage formica table, makes my neck ache just looking at it.

Jeremy said...

ha haha...good wrists ache along with your neck.

Surely there's room for both, though: funky, inspiring workspaces that don't necessarily compromise ergonomics?