Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Lifestyle Decoration

No, I don't consider home improvement to be an important part of lifestylism. In fact, I think people tend to obsess over meaningless details of their lives (like endlessly redecorating interior spaces) to distract themselves from the difficult work of aligning their lifestyle choices (how they spend time, money and energy) with their real values. That said, let's go into the wonderful world of paint for a moment.

Click on the Colour Game on this page for a personalized virtual painting experience. You do a series of little activities and answer questions that creates a sort of customized colour preference profile. You can then choose different colour schemes and see how they'd look in different rooms. It's less sophisticated and offers fewer options than the virtual decorator (Flash) they also offer, but it's still pretty neat. Anyone with a taste for these things could kill hours in there.

What fascinates me about this model is the idea of applying the same sort of simple immersive experience for life planning. Why not let a person do a series of little activities and answer some questions, then let them play with all kinds of variables in their future lifestyle? I love the concept. Just need to build it.

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