Thursday, April 21, 2005

More Living Without a Net

Jory is consistently putting out gems, with fabulous writing about her transition from employee to self-employed. Highlights for me from her last bunch: In Defense of the Free Agent and more reflecting on living without a net. The latter yields some great personal insights into the post-corporate lifestyle:
"I also took more time to walk to places, cafes, to the park in the middle of the day, to stimulate thought. I also didn't clockwatch until meal times. In fact, I've often been so engrossed in projects that I forget to eat (thank God, the b-friend likes to cook and reminds me). I suppose, in spite of the Grande addiction, my solo lifestyle is having a healthy effect on me.

I worried that becoming a solo would mean becoming a recluse, but that hasn't been the case. After a day of self-assigned and self-defined work, I feel satisfied at the end of the day, like I deserve to sit down with a friend and catch up. By month two of solohood I even considered myself deserving of meeting with other solo friends in the middle of the day. We didn't need to justify ourselves and convince each other that we would work for twice as long later that night. We knew that now that we were doing our unique brand of work, it would get done."

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