Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Life Building

Kirsten is thinking about the process of building your life. A quote:
"life is all about building. it's not a neat & tidy process with a firm completion date to look forward to - it's a messy, ever evolving project of weaving together what we want and making it work."
I like the recognition of ambiguity -- it's a reminder that a focus on planning your future can lull you into thinking that everything will fall into place if only you have everything figured out up front. When I'm talking about a tool to help you create future lifestyles, it's not really about creating the perfect one, it's about mixing and matching and finding interesting combinations that inspire you to take those all-important first steps toward something.


Jeremy said...

Ok, I'm willing to go for an alternate metaphor. So we'd be further along if we could deconstruct ourselves?

shamash said...

sprocketsandspokes: I like that metaphor of removing barriers. Sort of goes along with "thinking outside the box" idea. And I agree with what you write, Jeremy, about building a life: it's not all "neat and tidy." So often, I DO view my life as something to be "built"; I DO try to have it all figured out. Fact is, that type of thinking is the illusion. We are not as in control as we think we are.

Jeremy said...

Agreed, but I'm not willing to abondon my fondness of this idea of life building. If that means that you're never satisfied with your life, then it's probably not the way to go...but as a metaphor for designing and creating interesting additions and renovations to our lives, I like it.

Garth said...

I'm going to take a stab at your metaphor - I think we often we need to take down walls before we build new ones - that is deconstruction! But eventually we need to build new ones or our houses are going to fall down.

Life Renovation is perhaps a better suited term or metaphor. As a teacher, I should note I probably spend more time deconstructing than constructing - but both are necessary tools in thought development. To be a good at what I do I see the necessity in my students actually doing the renovations in their thought processes so I simply give them the tools to do the remodeling in their lives. If I do it for them - it just doesn't work.