Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Sims University

I keep meaning to check out The Sims games. I mean, if I'm interested in how people envision their futures, wouldn't an existing immersive lifestyle simulation be a good place to start? Duh.

One of the recent extensions to the franchise that caught my eye was Sims 2 University, which lets players live the college dream, partying, studying, playing pranks and trying to eventually graduate. The focus here is obviously fun, rather than any attempt to teach kids about college choices or the transition to careers, but I don't consider that a criticism -- this is not educational software. From a review:
"Together the new content doesn't just simulate the whole college lifestyle, it genuinely impacts the game as a whole. Sims who take the time to go to college will gain tons of skills and new friends that will give them a huge head start in their future careers. They'll also get bonuses to help them score higher in life, such as extra 'want' slots. 'Lifetime Wants' are also added into the core game, and if your Sim can achieve these incredibly ambitious goals, he or she will attain a permanent platinum mood."

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