Thursday, August 11, 2005

Web Apps to Organize Your Future

I've been hearing how people love products from 37signals. Their first web application was focused on project management (Basecamp), but they've got two new (well, to me anyway) sites that look interesting: Backpack and Ta-Da List. They're simple approaches to organizing your goals and to-do lists, but seem to have lots of cool features in nice interfaces. Backpack is like a beefed-up (but easier to use) wiki to help you create pages around whatever concept you want.

I've also been playing with ConnectViaBooks, which does a search based on the books you've read and connects you to people you'll likely have things in common with...and noticed that the 43Things folks have added
All Consuming to their stable of social software niftiness. Lots of action in this space, methinks. They're all tools for collaborating with other people who share your interests and goals, potentially helping each other while you're in the process of setting and achieving your own.


Anonymous said...

I am also exploring ConnectViaBooks, I believe it has a great potential!

Jeremy said...

Hi Lars, thanks for dropping by. So far, ConnectViaBooks seems to be all about potential, because there doesn't appear to be many people in the system for really good matches. I went to the effort of entering maybe 10 or 12 books, and couldn't find anyone else who had read two of them.

That said, if it took off and millions of people entered their reading lists, the results could be wonderful.