Monday, November 28, 2005

Odyssey into Self-Employment, Part X

Jory's using a family transition as an opportunity for some powerful reflection on her life direction, and thankfully she's letting us listen in: A Soloist's Spiritual Housecleaning:
"In this fashion I've inventoried my physical and aspirational assets and, likewise, feel taken care of, if not disappointed that many of the things I would have valued so highly a few years ago I am willing to forego. Me, being the practical person that I am, wonder if I can't get anything for some of these former achievements, accomplished more out of fear and survival instincts than faith and love, on eBay.

I'm disappointed that the world is not always going along with my program, the one I had plotted so carefully, thinking it was all meant to be because it flowed so powerfully from me. I'm convinced that my life concept is still a good one, but apparently there will be more plot twists and challenges thrown in."
These few sentences are just loaded with smart references to how we envision the arc from our present and past lives to future possibilities. How well can we inventory our own aspirational assets? How many of us could articulate our own life concept, rather than just living by the twists and turns?

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