Monday, November 07, 2005

Post-Gasoline Future?

You Can 't Get There From Here - Or Can You? Over at The Future of Work, they're also thinking about what a future lifestyle might look like if almost nobody could afford to drive to work. It's a more optimistic vision than most, and isn't predicated on a global economic collapse. Some nice side benefits for communities and individuals:
"Oh, and there’s a little hidden bonus in this vision thing of ours – you get to keep all that money you’re currently dropping into your gas tank. Maybe, just maybe, you’ll spend some of that “free cash” on local businesses like restaurants, coffee shops, florists, movie theaters, continuing education programs, concerts, and art galleries. Up goes your quality of life. And up goes the health and well-being of your home town and its residents."


Mr. GluSniffer said...

That's a good point, but if the price of oil spirals that high, won't it also raise the costs of a host of consumer goods (plastics, textiles), not to mention shipping costs (unless we can shift painlessly out our highly distributed global economic infrastructure)?

Thanks for posting on this.

Jeremy said...

For sure. I think that's why Rob was taking a more dystopian view earlier in the week.

Hard to say which is more likely, or whether the status quo will reign for another 30 years (roughly the same amount of time since the last time we were predicting this kind of oil collapse).