Thursday, December 01, 2005

Work Unhappiness and Health

Research reveals that dissatisfaction at work causes illness:
"Those with low job satisfaction are most likely to experience emotional burn-out, have reduced self-esteem and raised anxiety and depression. Environmental factors can contribute to the incidence of many human diseases. However, the new findings show that there is a clear link between job satisfaction and mental health."


Anonymous said...

My compnay has gone through a restructuring and my permanent position has been replaced with an inferior one. As I was head huntedf / recruited from overseas I feel it was wrong to downgrade the position of someone who had recently come from abroad to fill it. I would not have come to the company to take up the new / inferior position. I now feel trapped because if I quit the job I must immediately leave a country I quite like living in. In adition, getting another suitable job would be difficult for me. I have started tp procrastinate and feel that I am too sensitive about job related matters and am no longer sleeping well and am much less happy. My wife is very supportive and understanding and agrees that this is not fair. My managers micromanage me and find fault in much of what I do.

Jeremy said...

Sorry to hear this -- unfortunately it's all too common in these economic times. I hope you're able to figure out a way to make your situation healthier. Good luck!