Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Find Your Spot

The Future of Work linked to this interesting web tool: Find Your Spot. You take an eight-page quiz with lifestyle and location questions, then get a list of recommended towns and cities that match your selections. From the FAQ:
Are you tired of your present job, your current community, or the terrible weather around you? Would you like to discover the perfect place for your style and interests? Thanks to advances in technology and the economy, more people than ever are choosing where to live based on the factors that really matter to them – the weather, schools, recreational activities, cost of living, and general quality of life. At FindYourSpot.com, you can discover the perfect place for you AND find a great job, a great real estate professional, a great house, great travel deals...all in one central location.
That last part reveals a bit about the business model, I think. I suppose they're hoping to make some money on job/travel/real-estate referrals and interest-based marketing, which is fine. What I love about this model is that it is a relatively simple way to envision what your life might look like someplace else, getting you thinking about the weather there, jobs, house prices and lifestyle factors. The implementation isn't super slick, but the concept is great.

It sounds like NHL players could use a tool like this, too. The theory goes that since the new salary cap will equalize salaries across the league somewhat, players aren't just going to choose the team offering the most money -- they're looking at new factors:
"You don't buy free agents anymore, you sell them on the merits of joining your team. Lifestyle, climate, city, coach, teammates, chance to win a championship and a dozen other variables have become the new determining factors in who plays where."

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