Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Lifestylism Questions

Lifestylism means aligning your lifestyle (how and where you spend your time, money and energy) with your values (what is most important to you), and optimizing that alignment. When I started this project, I was assuming that when most people reflected on their core values, they would find that those values were inherently positive. That was naive. I've been e-mailing with a friend about the potential dark side, and it is yielding some good questions:
  • What if aligning your lifestyle with your values hurts the people around you?
  • What if the result of everyone living out their values wrecks the environment?
  • What if our values really suck and our priorities are all wrong?
  • What if we use our personal self-actualization as an excuse to shirk our responsibilities and obligations (resulting from past choices)?
  • Consequences, responsibilities, compromises, sacrifice...are these the real dirty words to the self-actualizer?

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