Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Jory followed one of my links a couple of weeks ago and got thinking about defining success:
"I thought about how tired I’d been in the past just working for money, with no personal investment in the outcome. I thought about how I’d always had a plan in the back of my mind that all of the work I was doing in the present was for the purpose of building my future profile, of earning my right to quit the boring stuff and do what I was passionate about, whatever that was."
Read the whole thing -- this is great writing about important stuff.


Anonymous said...

I love this piece of Jory's too....in fact, I really love the whole series. Hey, your new blog pic looks GREAT Jeremy! -Joy DJ

Jeremy said...

Oh, you're too kind. A mocking comment on my personal blog from an old friend helped me realize that my old blog photo was hopelessly outdated -- as in 10 years old. You want to choose nice photos of yourself, but that was bordering on misrepresentation!